Technology Is Change


           I believe Ken Robinson is absolutely correct. He really hit hard on the issues of the education system and how it is hindering greatness among young people. We as a society need to wake up and promote a more modern twist in education to better off children who will someday be running our future. At this day in age, it is much more competitive and difficult to make a name for yourself and become successful. In the past, once you accomplished getting a degree you were almost guaranteed a job. That isn’t the case anymore. It takes future collaboration and creativity to enable yourself into getting into the career in which you desire. You need to think outside the box and affiliate yourself with various resources in order to make yourself known.
         One solution to this concern, if not the only solution is technology. Technology is everywhere. It is something we should take advantage of and work with. It can only help us in the long run by giving us resources that may seem unimaginable at the time. Being able to communicate and share ideas with people from all over the world is one example of expanding your horizons. The way the education system is now, it only teaches you to do a certain thing one way, and that’s it. But in reality, there can be many ways to look and approach something and can go beyond the surface of what you see at first glance. The end result can very well be far greater than the initial solution to a problem. Technology can help us explore and be different as individuals while working with others along the way. I think Ken Robinson greatly expressed how education needs to change so we can better the conditions of young learners to guide them in the right direction, and help them grow to their full potential.


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