Who says school can’t be fun?

          Have you ever walked into class anticipating you were going to have tons of fun? I highly doubt it. Once you think about school, things such as homework assignments, deadlines, and stress usually come to mind. School shouldn’t feel like jail or a drag. Granted, life isn’t all about fun and games but it’s sometimes needed and can be helpful for your sanity. I remember years back when I would get to class and every once in a while my teacher would put together a review game to help prepare us for our upcoming test. It instantly got me interested in the materials and subject matter and helped me retain important information. It got everyone into it and turned out to be rather effective.
            So as future educators, I think that it would be a good idea to incorporate game based learning and activities for our students. We need to drive them in and get them enthusiastic and excited about learning. This can even help teach lessons that are somewhat dry and flat our boring. From an article by Inma Cazar, a teacher in Europe, she stresses the importance of doing so. She reminds us that it helps with social skills, and being able to communicate and collaborate with others. It also increases motivation and the use of critical thinking and problem solving. Digital games are continuing to become more popular due to the shift towards technology in classrooms. There are plenty of varieties of games to choose from with the use of apps, but also ways to create and customize your own. Digital gaming is new and exciting and can definitely spice up the environment in class. The link provided explains further of the positive aspects that gaming in class has to offer. Check it out! http://myeslcorner.blogspot.com/2012/04/digital-games-learning-english-by.html

2 thoughts on “Who says school can’t be fun?

  1. I completely agree, incorporating games could make learning fun for the students and keep them engage. There are many gaming templates that can be taken from Google where teachers and plug in their own information. Games are a great way for students to get motivated and to learn a lot.

  2. Paula, I really like your choice for your blog. Even the title makes me intrigued in this blog. I totally agree that school shouldn’t feel like a jail at all, and it should be fun. Also, I agree that life isn’t all about fun and games but it makes life better and not drag to have fun while being responsible and getting stuff done.

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