If Parents Approve, Then We Should Too.

          Every great parent wants what’s best for their children. It is important that kids are getting the necessary support that they need in order to be successful and on task in their learning. Years ago, parents frowned upon the fact of using technology for educational purposes. They only saw it as a distraction and nothing else. But today, they have learned to realize that it is very helpful and effective for their kids. Under the age of 12, 70 percent of children have access to a mobile device or tablet within their home. Parents are now learning of all the different apps that are not only fun, but also educational and creative at the same time. If they have the ability to learn with this technology at home, then why not incorporate it at school? Parents are constantly letting their kids use their mobile devices throughout the day, whether they are out running errands or trying to keep them occupied while trying to clean the house. In an article by Katie Lepi, it is said that more than half of kids use these devices for educational purposes and not only for gaming.

More than 600 school districts incorporate Ipad programs in schools, and there are currently 1.5 million tablets being used by students in the United States. Being that more people are on board and support using various uses of technology, then educators should come on board and promote using them in their classroom. In society today, kids are surrounded by this all the time and already have a great knowledge and understanding of how to use it. Furthering their comprehension and abilities of using it does more good than harm. For more interesting fun facts, click this link provided!



2 thoughts on “If Parents Approve, Then We Should Too.

  1. I agree that parents always want what is best for their kids. Also, I agree with that parents used to think negatively towards technology when it is use in the classroom, but now parents are thinking of technology used for educational purpose in a more positive light. This shows how far we have come. When I have a child, I hope the teacher uses technology in their classroom because it is a fun way to engage students.

  2. I completely agree! It’s definitely true that the view of parents has shifted over the years when it comes to technology. Opinions, while still varied, are more progressive now than ever, and soon most parents will most likely approve of their children using technology in the classroom. Whatever a parent does in regards to technology, it is because they want the best for their child.

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