Not Just Any Table, But a Smart Table

             The smart table is one of the newest technologies out there for the classroom. It is a table that allows up to eight students to be interactive at the same time through multimedia interaction. It has touch screen, 360 degree rotation, can sync to the teachers smart board, and is even scratch and spill proof.  It allows students to come together and collaborate through media and work together while learning at the same time. Teachers can pick and choose what they will like to display on the table through its software.

It has yet to enter classrooms because it is still very new, but I think this is a very cool thing without a doubt. Being able to create a work station for students through technology and allowing them to discuss and work together is a very good skill to have. This can change the way a class functions by instead of the teacher being the center of attention, the students alone are in charge and work accordingly. This can help kids become more interested in various lessons because they have images and pictures to work with, rather than the basic pen and paper. This is another big step for schools and hopefully we will be seeing them in classrooms sooner than later. For more information and what the smart table can do, check out this link!


One thought on “Not Just Any Table, But a Smart Table

  1. When I first read this, I thought “wow a smart table that is so cool.” I would love to have this piece of technology in my classroom when I am a teacher. Because of this smart table students’ will be able to work together and also collaborate their ideas together much easier. I agree with you when you say that being able to work together is a good skill to have, because it really is. I hope by the time I am in a classroom they have this piece of technology.

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