307.1 ENG Hit The Lights

When I first read that we were going to have to create a twenty minute radio show, my jaw nearly dropped. Right then and there I knew I was in way over my head. Being that we were assigned partners, it definitely helped. It allowed us to brainstorm and collaborate on different ideas of what we wanted to talk about. I am still not up to date on various technologies, especially when it comes to Mac’s so it was great that my partner knew a thing or two about it. The first thing that was tough was let alone listening and accepting my own voice. I was convinced that I sounded like a man. We wanted to create a show that people can relate and have an interest in, so we decided to broadcast about the blackout that happened on campus. Once our topic was figured out, everything started to fall into place. We had to be creative and not afraid to step out of our comfort zones. Our group was timid at first and dreaded talking out loud and recording. But once we warmed up to the idea, we had fun with it and made the best of the situation. We loosened up and had some good laughs throughout. But not everything is all fun and games.

Once we thought we were almost done, we unexpectedly ran into some technical difficulties. Go figure. This very well tested our patience and willingness to not give up. Everything just seemed to be going wrong and not in our favor. It was very time consuming and overwhelming. Even when we had all the materials in order and knew what we were going to say, putting it together piece by piece was very tedious and annoying for lack of better terms. But all in all, we came out on top and can proudly say that we accomplished out goal. Our show turned out to be better than we anticipated. It was a learning experience that I will never forget. Creating a radio show takes hard work but when you get to sit back and listen to your accomplishment, it makes it all worth it in the end.  Check it out!



11 thoughts on “307.1 ENG Hit The Lights

  1. I really liked your theme for your radio show. It was relevant for many of us being Cortland students. I agree that at the last minute everything seemed to fall apart. You guys seemed very calm, and I like that it was more of conversational.

  2. I liked how you did not take on any personas and just stayed true to your college lives. It made the show seem like a real college podcast made by your typical college students. Your show was relevant and honest. Nice job!

  3. I can definitely relate with the initial uneasiness about the project since I’ve also never done a radio project before. Planning during the first meeting helped our group as well! I really like how you picked something everyone on campus can relate to. The black-outs were definitely inconvenient; I live in Clark Hall, so dealing with that explosion was not fun that week.

    You guys sounded great throughout the show! I loved the crow interlude towards the beginning and the discussion on all of the halls, it really detailed characteristics of Cortland. Your conversation flowed naturally instead of sounding like you were reading off a script, which was also great!

    The mail and twitter portions were awesome, I really wished classes were cancelled too on those days. Since I live in Clark, I got evacuated and had no books with me, which meant I missed plenty of classes. Twitter and Facebook were really overrun with funny comments on everything that was going on.

    Loved the commercials! Once again, they were specific to Cortland with the t-shirts and the Jug Bus. The music you guys picked was always fun and relevant to whatever segment followed it.

    Our group also experienced some first-time Garageband problems, like losing recordings and files, and it got frustrating at times. Your final product definitely didn’t show these problems though. Great job and great radio show!

    • I thought your group really incorporated intriguing sound effects that caught my attention. Instead of playing too much music where the audience would be bored, I thought you had interesting conversation. Furthermore, I thought you did a great job at holding a conversation. You chose a great topic because it seemed normal and not forced to have this conversation. In the beginning you started with a more interviewing atmosphere and worked your way into a more conversational tone that was more like a radio talk. One thing I would recommend is to do a few commercials in-between your conversations because it seemed a little long at times. I would recommend more sound affects like the explosion sound after you said there was an explosion at Clark. You definitely stuck to your theme of the black out in Cortland, and even added a few inside jokes such as the crows. You had a few issues with the mic around the minute mark 13 which I wish you could have fixed. One major compliment though is the song clips you incorporated like “mail time” that really worked in as a transition. Overall I really enjoyed it, thank you!

  4. Your radio show was really good! I laughed a lot while listening. The blackout was a very interesting topic to choose. I think your group found the best ways to turn the blackout into something funny and interesting. The commercial about the T-shirts and all the tweets were my favorite parts!

    It is very true that the technology causes the most problem. Molly Colgan took charge of the technology in my group and I am very happy for that. Just watching her do some technology things stressed me out! It would be nice if everything would just go right, especially when it comes to the technology part.

    It was a lot of fun to make this radio show! Not only was it fun, but VERY time consuming. I think this is the one thing that everybody from our ENG 307 class was not expecting. It was nice that Professor Sarver gave an extension because I’m sure most groups, including mine, would have been 100X more stressed out with lack of time.

  5. I understand the garage band difficulties. It was really interesting to work with new technology that we weren’t use to as well. I think talking to no one was also something to get use to. It is always awkward pretending something is there when its not.

    I enjoyed that you incorporated the Cortland blackout. I live off campus so I wasn’t apart of it not did it effect me at all. Listening to all of you talking about it made me feel apart of the experience and that I could grasp what had happened. Your stories were interesting to listen to.

    The crow sound effects had me laughing, because that is so Cortland! You did a great job with integrating your theme throughout the show. “Cortland go home, you’re drunk” was another hilarious part of your show that seemed to fit perfectly. Good job with your show, seems like you put in a lot of thought.

  6. I really liked the theme of your radio show especially because I was a part of the blackout. I was in Clark hall, so I was the one of the people who had no home for a night. I liked that you talked about a relevant topic to the Cortland campus, and something that is relatable. I liked how you added in a weather segment. It was creative and the song segway was very appropriate. You took not only the blackout, but other aspects of Cortland to add to the show like our weather and the construction on campus. I think you incorporated some fun elements that made the radio show fun!

  7. Sarver City! Haha that is good, I wish i thought of that. You guys (girls) all have very nice, powerful voices that sound great and work well together. I listened to Erica and her groups 90’s based radio show and now I’m listening to a futuristic one!The way you brought up flying meteorites, swimming in the air, and Jet Back race track all painted a picture of how the future will look. Your cheesy jokes and laughing tracks was a good iea, I wish I thought of that myse…o wait, I did. Great minds think alike. Even the little things you did sounded great, like the phone call ringing for the caller. Random idea for a show, but it works! You guys kicked some serious asteroids with this 😉

  8. Paula,
    I really enjoyed listening to your radio show! The black out, explosion, and fire on campus is definitely something all of us in ENG307, and beyond, can relate to. The way you incorporated the everyday ins and outs of life at Cortland was really fun to listen to and you all sounded so natural doing it. Being that my first real experience with Cortland was my time residing in Hendrick Hall freshman year, I thoroughly enjoyed and could relate to your discussion about the crows and the creepy cemetery. Another one of my favorite parts was the Blues Clues mail song. That song has a very funny story attached to it for me and when I heard it on your show, I simply burst out laughing. Why? Well I’ll tell you… One day several years ago my mom and I were sitting in our living room when we noticed our mailman at the house next door. For some reason she suggested we hide and when he reached our porch, jump out singing that song. Of course I was all in, so as he got to the top step we flung the door open and proceeded to sing. He screamed, almost fell down the stairs, and his hands (full of mail) flew up in the air scattering envelopes everywhere. Needless to say, we were hysterical. Every time I hear that song it brings back that memory, so thanks for the laugh! Anyway, back to your radio show… Another topic you addressed that really hit home for me was the weather and girls wearing skirts when it is practically 10 below and snowing. I really don’t wear skirts very often and you’ll never catch me in one in those conditions! The weather here is certainly interesting, but I really don’t mind the snow. I’ll take the cold over intense heat any day. I think my group had many of the same issues and experiences as yours. Working with GarageBand and performing so many new technological things certainly created a lot of challenges for us all. I did learn a lot and hopefully I will be more tech savvy with future endeavors, I think we all will! Nice job, I really enjoyed your show!

  9. I loved your cortland themed show! I wasn’t apart of the blackout because I live off campus, but I’ve heard so many different stories about what happened so it was great to hear some personal takes on the matter! I would have been very freaked out if all the hall doors slammed randomly! The “infamous cortland crows” was a very funny addition to your show! I LOVED your song about hating the snow, I don’t think there is a person on this campus who is not sick of the snow here. Did the bookstore really sell those t-shirts?! That’s hilarious! You guys did a great job summing up the life of cortland students and made a very entertaining show!

  10. Hit the lights was quite the hit! I love the genuine, realistic stories you and your co-hosts shared. Since I live off campus, I had no idea that the black out was such a big deal until I listened to your show! I really loved the weather section where your team mentioned the constant snow in Cortland; so true! Additionally, I was a huge fan of the Cortland crows commercial. Great job, the editing turned out really well. A great show!

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