Personal Learning Networks

In class this week, we are being introduced to Personal Learning Networks and learning what the buzz is all about. From what I got so far, it seems like a great tool. It is an online network that allows teachers and colleagues to come together to discuss new ideas and skills that they use in the classroom. It enables teachers from all over the world to have a say of what may or may not work when trying to be an effective teacher. With just a click of a button, thousands of resources and materials are at the palm of your hand. It is easier to come across while trying to balance busy schedules. This can very well take the place of the traditional professional development and can be of greater use. Rather than having to set up a time and place, you can explore and view the sites at your own leisure.  It is fast and simple and is something that everyone should try out.

Since not all teachers are tech savvy, it is important that we spread the world and recommend others to give it a shot. With just a little time and effort in the beginning, it can make one’s life much easier and helpful for their career. It is a great way to go beyond your horizons and learn valuable information in the process from other individuals in the same field.

In the article Teaching Village, it explains the gist of what a Personal Learning Network is and how it has become the new age of technology and the teaching world. As Barbara Sakamoto mentions in the article, “The teachers in my Personal Learning Network are some of the best friends I’ll never meet.”  I very well see myself joining one of these in the near future and hope to converse with others and continue to learn and be inspired. For more information check out this article


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