It’s All Fun and Games…

Studying? Where’s the fun in that? If you are an individual who says they enjoy spending countless hours in the library studying their brains out for a big exam, then you are clearly not human. The stress, agony, and pressure can be very overwhelming at times. When I was at the library the other night, I kept finding myself dozing off in space, wishing there was a better way of going about this. Perhaps there can be.  With all the technology and programs that it has to offer, I feel like game based learning should not only be used for younger grade levels but also for high school.

As mentioned by Andrew Miller In an article in Edutopia, he states “Teachers are the designers of all the components of the learning environment for students, from the management to the assessment.” If teachers use technology and learn how to create their own review game for a particular lesson, it can be very helpful for students, not to mention enjoyable. Not everything can be all fun and games, but it can definitely add some color and livelihood to the curriculum. Educators need to branch out from traditional study guides that are pages in length and hard to follow along. If students are to play a game or interact in an activity, they can collaborate and work together as a team to compete and figure out answers to questions and so on… With the use of technology, Game based learning can also be helpful for students who are more visual because of its use of digital media. They can understand material better when they have something to look at. In the article, Game- Based Learning Units for the Everyday Teacher, it stresses how it allows the student to take a risk without being penalized. Since it is only for practice, it enables trial and error and being able to try over again until you get it right. It’s all fun and games until you get a bad test grade back, but if you play your cards right, you might come out on top of the class.

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2 thoughts on “It’s All Fun and Games…

  1. I like how this blog post makes learning fun by suggesting game-based learning. It is a creative way to make learning and studying fun. I agree with you when you say that this style of game-based learning should be used for any and all grade levels rather than just lower grade level.

  2. I completely agree, especially with finals right around the corner I wish there were game based learning for our college courses. Game based learning is a great interactive and engaging way for students to learn. With web 2.0 technology increasing, it is not hard to find interactive ways to introduce technology and curriculum to students. I agree with you, and even think that teachers can make their own games to increase learning in the classroom. There are so many game templates on the internet where teachers can easily plug in information that students are learning.

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