Get Everyone Involved

In order to be able to connect with others, one must have access to the proper tools in getting their voice heard. The social media is great in this category and there are so many different ways of using it. For teachers, using social media can enable them to talk and remind their students of various works and topics that are mentioned earlier in class. In an article by Lucy Harper, she mentions how popular sites such as twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest can be used for educational purposes.

Hand holding a Social Media 3d Sphere

For example, a teacher can set up a class page on Facebook for all of his or her students to see. The teacher can post reminders or assignments online and can also receive any questions or comments regarding any work. Students can communicate and discuss various topics through this page which can then essentially turn into a class chat via social media. This can help parents to get more involved because it allows them to view the work that their child is supposed to be doing. The article also mentions how Twitter can be a quick and sufficient way for parents to be reminded that their child has an assignment due the very next day or needs to bring something in for a lesson. Since twitter only allows 140 characters, it is a simple and direct message that is too the point and can be very helpful for busy families. Websites like these permits extending communication among teachers, students, and parents. This can very well help the overall flow of the class and can help children to stay on task with homework and other projects or assignments. Instead of only having a class during the day, it can branch out after hours and benefit the lives of students. Staying up to date and talking and communicating with one another is only a click away and can save a lot of time and confusion in the long run.

For more info about the benefits of social media, check out this article


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