This is Only the Beginning


I have been introduced to blogging prior to this class, but not as in depth. This was the first time I created my own personal online blog using WordPress. It was cool to have the freedom to customize my own page and make it reflect who I am, though remembering to keep it more along the lines of being professional. After trial and error, I began to get the hang of how to upload blogs and comment on others along the way. I learned that adding visual media can enhance and draw a reader’s attention to a post and make it seem exciting and interesting. Blogging is a great way to express yourself and share ideas because essentially, it can be read from almost anyone with access to a computer. This is a great way to obtain social networking. Let’s face it, the job market is harsh out there and the competition is through the roof. It is so important that you let your voice be heard and find that special something that makes you stand out. You never know, one day you can be blogging about a certain topic or sharing an idea that catches the attention from a successful professional who can essentially be that key component to help you become a success as well. One truly doesn’t know until they take a chance and let their voice be heard.

 I think blogging is something that should most certainly be incorporated in an ELA class. It enables students to learn about technology by gaining online abilities and practicing writing skills at the same time. It’s a win/win situation. It can teach them to collaborate and expand their resources by reading other peoples thoughts and having the option to give feedback. Creating a blog is like making a personal portfolio in a sense because it is a reflection of your own persona. Blogging can also be good to use in lessons because teachers can use it as a tool for a discussion about various topics and have the students submit responses for the whole class to see.

After learning about blogging and what it has to offer, I think it is something I will want to continue beyond this class. For educational and career purposes, it can be something that future employers can view and explore. It can also be used as an example or template for my future students for when I have them set up their own blog. Though this is very well my last blog for ENG 307, it is only the beginning of many more blogs to come.


One thought on “This is Only the Beginning

  1. Hi Paula, your blog looks good. Now you need to fill it in with specifics!! References to texts we’re reading (or you’re reading) and links to other blog posts you read and share.

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