So yesterday was my first day of observations. It was refreshing to be in both a high school and middle school class.  It’s weird to be on the other side of the spectrum. I am no longer one of those little kids sitting at a desk, but now on the verge of being in charge and educating them. Where has the time gone? The first class I observed was a video production class. Very Interesting! Not the typical, traditional classroom setting. There were a few kids in the class in a small computer room. Their job is to record and produce the morning announcements for each day. It was cool to see how well developed they were technology wise. Needless to say, I was pretty impressed. It proved to be a good example of what I’ve been learning this semester in class about English. I noticed the language they were using and how they were communicating with one another. They had their own discourse and were using elements of literacy, even though they weren’t in a traditional English class. Based on the environment they were in, their form of language was altered and transformed. If one isn’t familiar with the technology they were using (like me for example) it would be difficult to follow along with what they were talking about because of the various terms they were using. This demonstrates how important English truly is. It was nice to see it in full effect and not just talking about it in class discussions. So for all the English haters out there, they must come to realization that English can be considered the most important subject out there because it is used all day every day even though it may not be obvious at times. It is more than just reading and writing, but using it during everyday life through language and social interaction.


3 thoughts on “English=Life

  1. Paula, what was the language you were hearing in this classroom? It’s important to be specific in your blog post. Clearly it was an interesting observation. I’d like to know what literacies you saw students practicing? Can you list a few?

  2. So a lot of people from 307 are blogging. I’m getting the impression that this might be required in one of your classes. Either way, great to see that you’re still online. I’m following you again with my new feedreader!

  3. “All the haters” LOL You are too funny, but I love it! It is true, people think that English isn’t important because most people are born with the ability to speak and write in English. Many people don’t realize how many different languages there are, even if they are in English. Like you said, technology is an example of a different language in English. You’re in a middle and high school classroom, how interesting! Do you like the middle school classroom? I don’t think I would like being in a middle school classroom!

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