The Motivated Student- Bob Sullo

          I have recently began reading Bob Sullo’s The Motivated Student-Unlocking the Enthusiasm for learning. The gist of the book reveals tips and guidelines in relation to being an effective motivator through teaching. Sullo says how it is important to not pick favorites between students and should make sure that everyone is treated equally. It is important to be fair and gain the respect you know you deserve in order by being authoritative at the same time. One example from the book was how two students were late to class and was immediately signed detention for that day. Even though they were considered good kids, rules are rules and each student must abide to them. When the kids were asked how they felt about it, they knew what they were getting themselves into and knew that there would be no way of changing his mind. They weren’t exactly mad, but knew what was expected and understood that the teacher wasn’t out to get him. In the 8th grade class that I’m currently observing, my teacher has a strict homework policy. If they don’t bring in their completed homework the day it is assigned, they are given the rest of the week to hand it in for half credit, and if they don’t, they are to stay for detention and complete it after school. She keeps track of who needs to hand in work by writing the student’s names on a chart located in front of the room. She isn’t doing it to embarrass any students in particular, but only to hold them accountable for their actions. It also works as a motivation for them to get the assignment completed because they know what the consequence will be and know that there is no way of getting around it. Sullo says that if you want students to success, you need to have a certain amount of expectations and stay by it. Teachers, well at least the good ones, are only hard because they want what’s best, rather than making your life miserable.


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